Building the library and examples

If everything works fine, the following stuff will be built in case you run CUDA:

The subset built for OpenCL is

In case there were errors, please check out the common build problems here, before reporting the problem on the forum.

Testing the library

In order to test whether the library was built successfully, run the test script:
cd examples++
This will work for both OpenCL and CUDA builds. For CUDA builds, there are additional algorithms and accompanying tests available:
cd examples
This is the short test script, which only checks fast algorithms (should take around 1-2 minutes). To run all tests (15 minutes), run
cd examples
The results are automatically compared to reference results provided with the library. Note that there might be slight differences due to rounding errors and different compiler optimizations - if results differ, check if yours looks reasonable close and everything is probably ok.

Getting started with the tool: running the examples

In order to experiment with the command line tool,

Running the above example should produce output in the subdirectory "out/vtv/denoising/".

For a complete list of the command line options and further examples, please refer to the documentation of the command line tool.