The library cocolib implements a number of recent algorithms from continous convex optimization. In focus are linear inverse problems and multilabel problems for 2D images, as well as their counterparts for 4D light field analysis.

A detailed list of available methods follows, also note the reference page below.

Solvers for Linear Inverse Problems

Solvers for Continuous Multilabel Problems

Light field suite

Command line tools

All algorithms are accessible via a command line interface, with parameters set in config files. The command line tool comes with at least one example configuration for each algorithm, which demonstrates the various options.

Matlab interface

Release 6 (scheduled for August 2014) will include an interface to Matlab, which allows to use a subset of the algorithms directly in the interpreter. Currently, all inverse problems are supported with all variants of total variation regularizers implemented in cocolib (VTV_x and TGV_2). Furthermore, the interface allows rapid prototyping of new methods: it is possible to implement a data term directly in Matlab and pass it to the optimization algorithms in cocolib with arbitrary regularization.